Crash Courses

Feeling underprepared for your final exams?

MyIB has developed 6 week summary courses, helping you understand everything you need to know to get a band 7 in your exam. This revision course will revisit forgotten content and address vital examination technique – leaving you feeling confident and prepared going into your final exams. Spots are limited so sign up immediately!

We currently offer Crash Courses for the following subjects:

  • Economics HL
  • Business Management HL
  • English HL
  • Sports Science (SEHS) SL

How will the November Crash Course help me?
Every IB student faces the challenge of remembering content which was potentially taught 2 years prior to their final exams. At this point, revisiting notes or textbooks seems like an appropriate choice, however this only adds confusion at a very tense period of time leading up to exams. MyIB can provide you with the confidence you need in going in to your final IB exams, making your last 2 years of hard work worthwhile.

The courses span over 6 weeks and cover the most important content of the syllabus in each respective subject. The course is made up of weekly comprehensive 2-hour sessions for each subject. Furthermore, every student is provided with MyIB created “Everything you need to know” notes: a one of a kind summary of the most important topics in the course.For a more detailed breakdown of our November Crash Courses offered in each subject, including dates and content covered, click here.

Will I have enough time to study for my exams?
The courses finishes well before the November session begins, allowing each student to consolidate what they have learnt and continue preparation for the final exams.

Access to Tutors
As a part of the course, tutors will be available to contact 24/7 with any queries or confusion students may raise. The MyIB tutors are dedicated to helping our students, and are available after each session to provide 1-on-1 help.