IB English Literature Course Overview

Fed up of receiving the same mark in your English exams despite applying the marker’s feedback? The MyIB designed English course aims to help students overcome the challenges of literature analysis and writing.

Whereas most IB subjects have the majority of their marks allocated in the final November exams, English is unique in allocating 55% of the final English mark throughout the 2 years of the course. This includes:

  • Interactive Oral Presentation (IOP)
  • Interactive Oral Commentary (IOC)
  • Written Assignment

Learn exactly what markers are looking for your final exams
With years of experience with the IB marking system and professional IB examiner advice, our students are taught the key features of analytical writing that school teachers may overlook. The course focuses on:

  • Exam approach
    • We discuss key issues such as time allocation and how to plan your commentary/essay
  • Paper 1 Commentary
  • Paper 2 Comparative Essay
  • Analytical skills